Private Chef Mykonos

Private Chef Service

At Mykonian Catering we ensure your event is planned to perfection and that your dining experience leaves a positively divine lingering taste. 

Elevate your party or event by allowing our Mykonian private chef paint a palette of the most enchantingly beautiful flavours. From your idea to our execution in a few easy steps. 

You never have to worry about hours of cooking or planning your event in a different venue. With Mykonian Catering’s private chef services you can combine the things you love: the location you most desire and the blend of the most intoxicating tastes!

Experience a unique Cycladic synergy of refined Mediterranean tastes and mind-blowing vistas and allow us to uplift your event to irresistible perfection. 

Our private chef service is the missing puzzle piece to elevate every event to an unforgettable feast of the senses. Our experienced staff will advise you on your catering menu options and design uniquely crafted Mediterranean tastes for you and your guests

Let Us Do All the Work

1. Consultation

Our vision is to always provide everything our clients always dreamed of but never had the chance to taste. Thus, consulting with you prior to your event to decide on your flavorful dishes and presenting our different authentic menu options is a pivotal part of the process.

2. Preparation

The secret to flavour lies at the heart of every plate: its pure and carefully picked ingredients. At Mykonian Catering we pick and cook with the freshest ingredients. All you have to do is stand back, relax, and let us do what we do best: create edible pieces of art that will excite your taste buds.

3. Equipment

Our highly trained catering team will make sure to accommodate all the necessary equipment right at your venue of choice whether it be your private home or an independent villa. Our team is the backbone for all successful events, with their unmatched experience and impeccable work ethic.

4. Cleaning

An important part for any event is taking care of the cleaning. We make sure to keep the spaces we use tidy, organized and clean before, during and after every event. This allows for you to enjoy the company of your guests while you bask under the success of your special occasion.

** The safety and health of our customers and their guests is our highest priority. That is why before each Venue Covid tests are performed on all staff members and we make sure that all safety measures set by the authorities are followed.

Book Your Private Chef and Let Us Infinitely Ameliorate Your Event.